These pages are intended primarily for any translators who are using Linux in their day-to-day work, or who are interested in experimenting with Linux in order to assess its suitability for translation work. Particular attention is therefore given to applications and aspects of interest to translators. Members of the Linux/Open Source community, in particular developers, may also find it interesting to see how the operating system is seen by this particular end user group. There will therefore be little information here on Linux itself. A wealth of information has already been published on the subject, including Linux' origins, installation and operation, and a good deal of this information can be found without difficulty on the Internet. Nor are these pages intended as a manifesto for Linux. This is a How To, not a Why To. I would be particularly happy to hear from any other translators (or similar user groups, such as technical writers) who would like to share their experiences with Linux. Drop me an e-mail at or visit the Linux for Translators forum.