One of a number of translation memory applications which run on Java, and therefore on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Of all the open-source translation memory applications, OmegaT is undoubtedly the most popular, although most of its users run the application on the Windows platform. OmegaT has a thriving developer and user community which has doubtless contributed considerably to its success. Although it lacks many of the features of longer-established commercial CAT tools, the simplicity of use and freedom from feature bloat is one of its endearing points.

Translators familiar with OmegaT in earlier incarnations might like to take another look: development has progressed at a phenomenal pace since OmegaT appeared on the scene. New users are strongly advised – and warmly invited – to join the OmegaT user group, and will be particularly welcome if they are able and willing to contribute to the project, for example by helping to translate the documentation.

Reviews of OmegaT can be found here.

Link to the OmegaT website