This page covers auxiliary utilities which are intended specifically for use in conjunction with CAT tools.


Maxprograms is a range of free utilities designed primarily for use in conjunction with Heartsome CAT tools. The following utilities are currently available:

RTFStyler: When used in conjunction with Heartsome's XLIFF Editor, enables users to produce files in the "Trados uncleaned file" format.

CSVConverter: Converts glossaries stored in CSV format (for example Microsoft Glossaries or glossaries in Microsoft Excel format) to TMX files. Once in TMX format, the content of these glossaries can then be accessed easily from within almost any translation memory application.

TBXMaker: Functionality similar to that of CSVConverter, but converts to the industry-standard glossary format, TBX. TBX files can be accessed by a small number of translation memory applications, including Heartsome.

TMXValidator: A utility for determining whether a TMX file complies with the standard. Some translation memory applications only accept TMX files which comply with the standard; others may not accept certain files which do. TMXValidator no doubt has practical uses, but the fact that it demonstrates Heartsome's full compliance with the standards and its competitors' lack of it is presumably not a coincidence.


Java command-line script for merging two or more TMX files.


Java command-line script for removing "superfluous" translation units from a TMX file: deletes all TUs without target segment or in which the target segment is identical to the source segment.

TMX converter

Converts translation memories in TMX format generated by Wordfast to a form which can be read by OmegaT.