Virtaal is translation memory application designed to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. Although the initial focus is on software translation or localisation, we definitely intend that it will be useful for several purposes including document translation.

“Virtaal” is an Afrikaans play on words, it means “For Language” but is pronounced the same as the Afrikaans word for translation.

Using a simple table like interface Virtaal is able to display the translation segments very cleanly and only expose functionality that is useful and relevant to the current unit. Without the clutter of windows that aren't currently being used the interface remains clean and easy to use.

Virtaal is designed to work well with its two primary formats, XLIFF and PO, but it also supports a growing number of other translation formats. The interface makes it easy to work with any format in a standard way.

Additional features include translation memory, machine translation, quality checks, placeables, and more.

This description courtesy of Dwayne Bailey of Virtaal.

Link to the Virtaal website