In brief:

A commercial office suite produced specifically for Linux.

Applix website

Plus points:



Applixware Office 5.0 includes filters for a number of different file formats. The MS Word 6.0 and 97 output filters, however, are in fact for RTF. The quality of the filters can be described as "reasonable".
Applixware should be given credit for documenting the compatibility of its product with MS Word: a very comprehensive list of incompatible features is provided on the installation CD.

Language support:

English, French and German versions available. Japanese version of Applixware 4.4.2 also available.

Proofing tools (spellchecker and thesaurus) supplied as standard for Danish, Dutch, English (US and UK), Finnish, French (France and Canada), German (Germany and Switzerland), Italian, Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Spanish and Swedish. The proofing tools do not appear to be linked to the text, meaning that blocks of text cannot be marked for proofing in different languages.


The vendors of Applix Office renamed it Anyware Office at some point. But despite the name, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. It has a solid history of use on UNIX, a mature range of features and a well developed macro language, yet the marketing policy seems to be based upon keeping it a secret. The majority of desktop Linux users have probably never heard of it, and it has now been overtaken not only by Office, but also by Softmaker's Textmaker. A pity.