This page provides downloads of scripts that I have produced mainly for my own use in conjunction with OmegaT, together with brief descriptions.

OmegaT launcher for Linux
Download OmegaT launcher for Linux

Small utility with graphical user interface for launching OmegaT on Linux. Particularly convenient when OmegaT functions are needed/desired that require OmegaT to be launched on the command line with relevant arguments. Also provides some useful tools for testing. Requires tcl/tk 8.6 or higher.

Functions include:

Save TM As
Download Save TM As

Pair of scripts providing a "Save As" function for saving a project's translation memory to an external location. The function is launched manually by the user from within OmegaT using Tools > Scripting. The first script is written in Groovy and uses OmegaT's scripting function. It acts as a relay script, launching the second script, which is written in tcl/tk. Requires tcl/tk.

Besides providing a Save As function not currently available in OmegaT itself, the pair of scripts also demonstrates how, by use of the Groovy scripting engine, scripts in other languages can be used to extend OmegaT's functionality.

Auto Save TM
Download Auto Save TM

tcl/tk script that automatically saves the translation memory to an external location whenever the translated documents are created. The script saves the TM to a sub-folder the name of which is the first three characters of the project name. This enables separate (e.g. subject-specific) TM repositories to be built up without manual user intervention, provided projects are named intelligently (in this case, the first three characters of the project denoting the subject). The script is launched by OmegaT's post-processing command with:

wish /auto_save_tm.tcl ${projectRoot} ${projectName}

(On Linux, or with the equivalent wish command on Windows.) Also demonstrates use of OmegaT's post-processing command to pass arguments to an external script. Requires tcl/tk.